Pancreatic Cancer : How to Diagnose

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how to diagnose pancreatic cancerCancer is a deadly disease. It’s been killing a lot of people for generations.  Many believed and have wished to surpass this but it’s really a traitor to humanity. How many of you know cancer of the pancreas?  This is just one kind of cancer that needs to be given attention.  How to diagnose pancreatic cancer? Cancer of the pancreas is a malignant neoplasm of the pancreas.

The pancreas is a gland organ in the digestive and endocrine system of vertebrates.  The head of the pancreas is near the bile duct.  It is located deep in the abdomen, sandwiched between the stomach and the spine.  It lies partially behind the stomach.  The exocrine pancreas cells produce juices that help in digestion.  It is also used to produce hormones like insulin and glucagons. This helps control blood sugar levels. These hormones help the body store the energy in the body.

There are possible signs (symptoms) of pancreatic cancer like abdominal pain, weight loss and jaundice. If you happen to experience these problems (symptoms) like loss of appetite, fatigue, pain in the upper and middle abdomen and back, unexplained weight loss, nausea, vomiting, blood clots, diabetes, jaundice or yellowing of the skin and whites of the eyes, you should see a doctor.  Chronic pancreatitis, smoking and long standing diabetes can affect the risk of developing pancreatic cancer.  It is hard to detect or diagnose pancreatic cancer.  They also diagnose pancreatic cancer through the lymph mode.  Here are some tests for the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer:

  1. Physical Exam and History
  2. ERCP- Endoscopic Retrograde Chiolangiopancreatograhy
  3. PTC Percutaneous Transhepatis Cholangiography
  4. CT / CAT Scan- Computerized Axial Tomography
  5. MRI- Magnetic Resonance Imaging
  6. PET Scan- Position Emission Tomography
  7. Endoscopic Ultrasound
  8. Laparoscopy
  9. Biopsy

10.  Chest X-ray

Here are just some ways on how to diagnose pancreatic cancer.   It can be controlled if you happen to let it be discovered before it spreads.   It is very necessary to live a healthy and meaningful lif. Live the way you deserve.


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