How to Treat Dehydration in Adults

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how to treat dehydrationThe loss or deficiency of water in body tissues especially when what is lost exceeds the amount of water taken in results to a condition called dehydration.  Dehydration occurs in all ages but infants and children pose a greater risk which is why it is important to know how to cure it immediately.  As for adults, the effects of the condition can also be life-threatening thus one should know exactly how to identify the varying degree of dehydration.  Some causes of dehydration include – burns, heat stroke, diarrhea, vomiting, excessive sweating, and frequent urination.  The problem is oftentimes associated with symptoms like great thirst, nausea, exhaustion, and even unconsciousness.  In moderate to severe cases, the issue can be dealt by taking some medical management, while there are some home remedies and other treatment, that you can do for mild cases on how to treat dehydration in adults.  The tips given are not suggested to replace medical assistance when necessary, though.

How to Cure Dehydration in Adults

  • Start the hydration process by allowing the patient to sip small amounts of water.  Drinking water too fast will increase chances of nausea.
  • One can also opt for drinks with carbohydrate or electrolyte content such as sports drink like Gatorade for fluid replacement.
  • Another remedy is to allow the adult to eat food like gelatin since their main ingredient is water.  Gelatin can be used as in aid in the rehydration method.
  • Cool the person by removing in excess clothing.  Help the body return to its normal temperature and break the dehydration synthesis by putting the patient in an air –conditioned area.  If no air conditioning is available, one can make use of fan indoors.
  • Another way on how to treat dehydration in adults is to learn how to prevent it at first.  Prevention includes avoiding caffeine, tea and soda.  These drinks have a tendency to increase urination thus leading to further dehydration.

Follow the home remedies given above on how to treat dehydration in adults and you will find yourself able to fight the symptoms caused by dehydration.  But then again, the tips are intended as first aid for mild cases.  Be sure to seek medical attention if the case seems to worsen.  Good luck!


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