How to Cure Vitamin A Deficiency?

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Cure Vitamin A DeficiencyVitamin A deficiency occurs when there isn’t sufficient intake of substances rich in it, inability of the body to absorb fat, excessive alcohol consumption, or as a result of liver disorders.  These will causes them to manifest signs and symptoms such as xerophthalmia or night blindness.

Moreover, the lack of Vitamin A in the body can cause rashes, inflammation of the eyes, inability to fight off infections such as colds and other respiratory tract infections, lack of appetite, and skin disorders in adults such as acne, boils, and pimples.  In children, it can also lead to stunted growth, excessive hair loss, dry and dull hair, and fragile nails.  Apparently, lack of Vitamin is common in developing countries where the places are overcrowded and the people are malnourished.

How to Treat Vitamin A Deficiency?

Primarily, diagnosis is the first key in determining low levels of Vitamin A. several tests like measurement of plasma levels will be counted as well as electroretinopahty and rod scotometry may be used to determine if the cause of night blindness is due to a deficient Vitamin A in the body.

After diagnosis, treatment will revolve on either giving Vitamin A orally. However, in severe cases, it can be given through parenteral vitamin supplementation of Vitamin A palmitate which is effective as drug of choice for the condition.  Side effects are very rare and one should not overdose as it can be toxic to the body.  High dosage may cause depression as well as a lot of adverse reactions in adults. Since medication dosages vary from certain age groups, seeking health professional when treating vitamin A deficiency may be of great help.

Finally, prevention is better than cure thus consumption of food sources which are generally high in Vitamin may be done as one of the home remedies. Included foods are liver, beef, eggs, chicken, whole milk, mangoes, carrots, and green leafy vegetables.


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