How to Cure Vitamin D Deficiency

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vitamin D - sunglightSunshine vitamin – that is what the others call Vitamin D for the reason that is the only vitamin that is created in the body especially when it is exposed to the sun. Primarily, this vitamin gives a lot of benefits and among them is helping the body to use calcium and phosphorus to be absorbed by the bones that need it.

Moreover, it helps in preventing cancer and regulating the secretion of insulin. A deficit in the said vitamin can lead to disease such as rickets which is very common in children. Other skeletal deformities such as osteomalacia can be experienced by adults, too.  Some of the causes for its occurrence include the following:

  • Insufficient sun exposure
  • Malabsorption of Vitamin D
  • Obesity
  • Not enough amount of Vitamin D in breast milk
  • Certain medications

Some of the symptoms manifested by a person suffering from the condition include fatigue, weight loss, osteoporosis, heart diseases due to weakening of the heart muscles, and stroke.  Although there is a wide array of food sources that can give you an ample amount of vitamin D in the body, a deficiency of the said vitamin is still among the common health concerns by most people. So, how do you treat Vitamin D deficiency, you ask?  Let’s see.

How to Treat Vitamin D Deficiency

  • Diet. Ingestion of foods containing Vitamin D seems to aid in treating the condition.  Known foods sources rich in Vitamin D3 include mackerel, salmon, dairy products such as cheese and fortified milk.
  • Medication.  Medication treatment includes intake of fat-soluble vitamins such as Calciferol to correct the deficiency and promote absorption of phosphorus and calcium into the ileum or the small intestine.  Side effects are unusual but do not overdose as it may be damaging to the system.
  • As for home remedies, exposure to the sun atleast an hour daily may be among them.

Well, that’s it.  To learn more about how it is treated, consult your doctor about it to arrange proper treatment for the condition.  Stay healthy!


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