How to Stop Vomiting in Children

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stop vomiting in childrenVomiting is among the common problems in children.  Kids often complain of nausea and that they don’t feel good.  This is also dangerous as it can cause dehydration just like diarrhea.  That’s why every parent should be informed of the things that they should do when this occurs to their kids.

What Causes Vomiting ?

The common causes include:

  • Gastroesophageal reflux
  • Infectious gastroenteritis
  • Urinary tract infection
  • Food poisoning

How to Prevent Vomiting ?

  • Regulate the food that your kids eat.
  • Cook all meat well because undercooked food items can cause vomiting.
  • If your kid has a fever or headache, let him/ her take Tylenol.
  • Give your kid a dose of milk of magnesia suspension liquid to neutralize the acid in the stomach.


  • Reassure your kid that he/ she is going to be fine soon.  This will help him/ her.
  • Drinking ice water or Gatorade or any other electrolyte helps a lot.  You can also suck on small amounts of ice.
  • You can also take oral dehydration solution to replace fluids and nutrients lost.  This is good and safe for babies and toddlers.  If you don’t have this, you can make use of home remedy by mixing 8 tsps of sugar and 1 tsp of salt in 4 cups of water.
  • Use a damp washcloth as a compress.
  • Give your child clear water to rinse his/ her mouth.
  • If your child is vomiting with diarrhea, get the advice of a doctor. Offering plenty of clear liquids in small sips will help the child.  But avoid giving your child sugar liquids so you won’t induce vomiting.
  • A dose of ondansetron can also help children with gastroenteritis.
  • Emetrol can also help control the symptom of nausea.

Here are some helpful tips including natural remedies to help a vomiting child.  If you see blood spot, it is highly recommended that you take your kid to a physician because vomiting is also a sign of underlying disease.  These can also be true to adults.


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