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cough in children home remediesAccording to studies children get six to 10 colds and cough a year.   When you look at it, the burden is really on the parents. It’s not easy seeing your children suffer from that condition more often. Though the child or kids really suffer from this we can’t avoid the fact that parents who always want the best for their kids are the ones who are really affected first especially if they are still toddlers.

Moreover, FDA advised the consumers not to give their children below 2 years of age some cough syrup or medication because overdosage of medicine can take place especially those over the counter cough syrup. So in this case, it better to resort to homemade cures or the natural treatment for cough. Home cough remedies for children are really available within your reach and safer to use for kids.

Here are Some Natural Ways to Treat / Cure Cough for Kids

  • Honey. Give a half of teaspoon for kids 2-5 years old and 1 teaspoon for 6 to 12 years old every after meal. However, don’t give it to kids below 1 year old because they are risk for infant botulism.
  • Water. Keep your child hydrated by making him drink water as much as he could. This will help decrease the secretion, lessen throat irritation and help avoid coughing symptoms.
  • Chicken Soup. This is prepared by every mom when their kids have cold or cough. It has anti-inflammatory properties that also help in soothing a throat if you have cough or cold.
  • Grapes. It acts as an expectorant and can relieve simple cough and cold. Make a juice of grapes and mix it with honey. Let your kids drink this to relieve him from cough.
  • Herbal tea. Ginger, chamomile and peppermint teas can be given to kids. This will help loosen congestion and soothe irritated throat. You can add honey and lemon to make the tea taste better.

If your kids have been suffering whooping cough with other symptoms such as fever, sore throat and asthma, it is better to talk to your physician as soon as possible before it may lead to more serious condition like bronchitis. Your kids’ health is so fragile that you don’t want to experiment on trying different medications especially those aren’t natural, so it would be best to have your kids checked by your health provider.

Remember, your kids are precious gifts from above so keep them healthy and safe all the time.


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