How to Regrow Hair Naturally – Home Remedies For Hair Growth

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how to regrow hair naturallyOur hair is said to be our crowning glory.   Our hair is one of the greatest factors why we look good physically.   It adds beauty to the eye of the beholder. But what if one day you notice that your hair is already thinning or worse you notice that you’re having excessive hair loss and in no time you’re getting bald on some part of your head.

Hair loss can be experienced by everybody but mostly common in men.  This is due to stress, deficiency or excessive production of hormones or because of genetic reasons.   Some people will resort to regrow hair laser treatment for a faster growth  but it could be too expensive.   Some would try some medications like provillus or procerin that is believed to regenerate hair faster.   But for those who are in the brink of their finances, you can try the natural way.   In this article we will discuss how to regrow hair naturally.   Here are some ways to naturally grow hair back:

  • Coconut milk. Use coconut milk to massage your scalp. Do it three times a week.You can also try coconut oil with avocado mixture. Massage on scalp then rinse.
  • Aromatherapy. It is safe and yet an effective way to improve hair growth. These essential oils and herbs like almond oil, Indian gooseberry, saw palmetto, stinging nettle and gotu kola could be used to massage your scalp and could make your scalp healthy.
  • Take Vitamins B6, Vitamin E and Zinc.
  • Balance Diet.  You should have a balance diet to promote hair growth. Fill your plates with lots of food high in protein because that what your hair needs to grow. Eat vegetables like broccoli, wheat germ, granola, Brussels sprout because they are rich in cysteine. Eat food with Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, they promote good scalp.
  • Balance your life.  Avoid stress by trying to live in a positive way. You may also exercise because it can help lower your stress hormones and normalizes testosterone level.
  • Avoid the sunlight.  Too much exposure of the scalp to the sunlight may result to dryness and that could be the cause of slow down the growth and one of the reasons of hair loss.

These are home remedies that promote hair growth naturally.   You can try these first before seeking a much expensive way to grow your hair back.


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