How to Do Crunches Correctly

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How to Do Crunches CorrectlyGenerally, crunches are the basic foundation of any abdominal exercises and it has replaced the sit-ups for the reason that sit-ups may not be that effective when trying to get that six pack abs.  These are vital parts of the routine as they aid to strengthen the abdominal muscles.  However, you might have been doing crunches, and other abs exercises a hundred times a day, yet you still have flabby stomach and you wonder why this is so.  Well, it might be because you are not doing the crunches properly.  Listen, the key to get abs and to flatten and tone your abdominal muscles is through doing these basic exercises correctly. How to do crunches correctly without straining your neck and other injury, you ask.  Here’s how.

How to Do Crunches Correctly

  1. Lie flat on your back and keep it flat on an exercise mat.
  2. Perform the basic crunch position.  Bend you knees up making sure that your feet are flat on the floor wider than width hip apart.  Slightly tilt you pelvis upward. Inhale before doing the first crunch.  You can put your arms on your chest via an “X” position.
  3. Let your abdominal muscles work and use them as you slowly raise your shoulders a few inches off the mat and curl slightly forward.  Your belly should be pressed down flat into your stomach.  Your neck should be aligned while lifting yourself up.  Compared to squats, curls forward with your shoulders and upper back are essential with the crunch.
  4. Exhale while you lift your body upwards.  Hold at the top of the crunch in an upright position and lower yourself back slowly after a few seconds. Repeat up to 15-20 crunches.

These abdominal crunches can also be done with exercise ball if you like.  Once you get to know how to do crunches correctly, you can also perform other upper abs exercises such as reverse crunches, and kneeling crunch with weights and you can even train your abs by doing crunches while sitting in a chair at work.  Performing crunches along with other routines such as lunges and pull-ups associated with aerobic exercises plus a healthy diet will not just give you a flat and toned stomach, but to the entire body as well.


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