How to Get Ripped Abs in a Week

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Get Ripped Abs in a WeekA nice figure and wonderfully sculpted six pack abs – this is what most individuals, be it men or women, long to have.  However, is there a way on how to get ripped abs in a week?  How about 2 weeks maybe?  Dang! Let’s be realistic here.  Though many sites offer you false promises to build muscle abs or get big abs fast, this isn’t just something that can be done in a short term unless you opt for surgery. To be able to achieve this, you will have to go through a strict discipline and strenuous ab workouts and exercises.    But there are some things you can do on how to get ripped abdominal muscles.  Follow our tips below.

How to Get Ripped Abs

The first thing to do on how to go about having that toned belly is to go on a diet. But when we say diet, one doesn’t have to starve himself.  Instead, you would only cut down your calorie intake by atleast 500 calories everyday. Losing weight is also necessary on how to develop ab muscles.  Get rid of belly fat by engaging yourself to some aerobic or cardio exercises as well as weight training. Walking, jogging, running, and the use of elliptical machines are highly favorable form of aerobic exercise which can allow you to lose weight.

Now, for the ab workouts, it is suggested that you work on your abs for atleast three times a week.  Make sure that you do your crunches and bench presses correctly or in a way that your ab muscles are contracted and squeezed for maximum effect.  You can also add weight while performing crunches for your arms to be strengthened as well. Core training is also suggested on how to come up with a toned abs.  You can also perform leg raises, side bends, and jack knife crunches in toning your belly fat.

Those are some tips on how to get ripped abs.  Remember, this is something which can’t be done overnight. Strict patience and perseverance are needed to achieve this.  Set your goals and start your step on how to get that toned abs that you’ve wanted to have.


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