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raspy voiceWhen I was a kid I really love it when my voice is husky or a bit raspy because my voice sounds good.   But now that I am a grown up, I learned that having this kind of condition indicates that there is something wrong with my throat. This medical condition is called laryngitis.   Hoarse voice has so many causes and among them are singing, yelling and speaking for a long time and vices like smoking and drinking alcoholic drinks can irritate the larynx. Singers who sing in stage, teachers and other professions that require using their voices are more often to experience this condition.   Symptoms include sore throat, itchy throat, tasteless tongue, and difficulty in swallowing. This condition may not be that serious when you look at it, so home remedies for raspy voice will do the trick to cure or treat this.

Raspy Voice Natural Home Remedies

Natural remedies are useful treatment to get rid of scratchy voice and deep voice the safest way. How to get rid of this condition is not a problem anymore as long as you follow the tips below:

  • Rest your throat for awhile. How are you going to this? Stop talking or using your voice for a day. Singers before a concert would do this to avoid laryngitis.
  • Moistened your throat with lots of fluids. Warm water, herbal teas (ginger tea with honey to taste), and chicken soup. These contain anti-inflammatory properties. This is the home remedy that you can use in children if they experience laryngitis.
  • Use all –natural gargle. Add apple cider vinegar and salt in a warm glass of water. Use this as a gargle. Repeat this for several times a day especially in the morning.
  • Stop your vices. As I have mentioned earlier, our vices are throat irritants and even caffeinated drinks can contribute to scratchy voice, so avoid them all at once.

On the other hand, if your symptoms have not diminished even if you tried all of the above remedies then have yourself be checked by a physician to address your medical need the soonest possible time.


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