Home Remedies for Pinworms

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pinworms inside intestinePinworms are tiny contagious worms or parasites found in the upper part of the colon of human being.   They are a quarter inch in length and they survive through intestinal contents.   They are common in children and some cases in adults, too.   Moreover, pinworms are different from ringworm.   The life cycle of pinworms start when a mature female pinworm lay eggs at the anus, it will hatch and if someone scratches his anus, it can get stuck to anyone’s nail and then transfer to the stomach through the mouth.   The cycle goes on.

Children with intestinal worms experience excessive itchiness on the anus part, weight loss, vomiting and loss of appetite as symptoms.   One of the causes why people can get pinworms is they don’t watch their personal hygiene carefully.   Pinworms are contagious and can be transferred easily through hands and clothing.

Home Remedies for Pinworms

Here are some herbal remedies that can help you with this condition and can be use as treatment to totally get rid of it and to avoid long terms effect.

  • Garlic. Mince garlic and mix a few drops of honey to eliminate the awful taste. Then let the child take it for two to three times a day for one week. Or you can also mince the garlic and mix it with petroleum jelly and apply it on the anus. It relieves itchiness and gets rid of pinworms.
  • Coconut or castor oil. Take a fresh coconut milk/ castor oil before breakfast. It can get rid of any parasites living inside your intestine such as tapeworms and pin worms.
  • Carrots. It has some properties that are offensive to any kinds of parasites. Grate carrots and take every morning before eating any meal.
  • Grape seed extract. Add ten drops of this extract in a glass of water. Though it tastes extremely bitter, they can get rid of intestinal worms efficiently.

Don’t be so desperate about how to get rid of pinworms by trying different over-the counter medicines such as Reese’s pinworm medicine and vermox without asking your physician about it. Have yourself or the kids be checked by a licensed physician before trying to self medicate. You have only one life, so live it well.


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