Home Remedies for Low Thyroid

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low thyroidIf a person’s thyroid produces not enough amount of different hormones then that person has medical condition known as hypothyroidism or low thyroid or underactive.   Symptoms of hypothyroidism include adrenal fatigue, depression, body aches, and weight gain that are usually similar to symptoms of anemia.   Women and men over fifty years of age are more prone to experience this condition.   One of the causes of low thyroid levels is insufficient amount of iodine in the body.   This condition is crucial during pregnancy because it can affect neurological development of the baby.

Low Thyroid Natural Home remedies

Natural cures and home remedy are gaining popularity because of its effectiveness and they are the safest ways to get rid of different ailments. Here are some of them:

  • Follow a low-glycemic diet. Shift into balanced diet which includes eating foods that do not spike your blood sugar such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains and lean proteins.
  • Take something that is rich in natural iodine. One of the examples of this is bladder wrack. It is a remedy that helps treat and prevent some thyroid disorders.
    • Kelp Sea weeds. It is rich in anti oxidant and iodine. It helps the thyroid to function well.
    • Black cohosh. It helps balance estrogen levels and thyroid conditions.
    • Black walnut. It is one if the best home remedies because it is rich in organic iodine and manganese. These two properties nourish and strengthen thyroid function.
  • Exercises regularly. Engage into regular exercising such as aerobic exercises and strength training.

Doing these natural cures will not harm you or aggravate your condition since there are all safe. However, if you feel something strange and the symptoms still persist, visit your trusted physician. You may also ask your health provider if you want to try some medications like synthroid to avoid complications and by doing so, you can be sure to be treated properly.


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