Home Remedies for Amoeba

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amoeba home remediesOur world today is not a safe world to live in anymore.   With the kind of environment we have, people are more likely to get sick because of contamination in water and air.   There are some microorganisms that are present in the water or food that we eat like amoeba proetus, euglena paramecium and amoeba that can cause us to have some gastrointestinal diseases.   Amoebiasis or known as amoeba in layman’s word is a medical condition where in the intestines are infected by microorganisms.   The patients with amoeba are observed to have bloody stools, non stop diarrhea, feverish conditions and accompanied with vomiting. The symptoms sound alarming so learning home remedies for amoeba is definitely a great help especially if you can not see a physician the soonest possible time.

Home Remedies for Amoeba

Home treatment or remedy can help anyone to get rid of amoeba and thus stop its reproduction. Below are some tips in how to cure or how to treat the symptoms of amoeba:

  • Drink water. Sufficient fluid is needed by the body to avoid dehydration because of vomiting and diarrhea.
  • Eat certain food to ease amoeba. Banana, apples, and yogurt are the best food if you have Amoebiasis.
  • Neem. Get some leaves of Neem. Put some turmeric powder and mustard oil. Apply on the body and let it stay for hours. Rinse or take bath with warm water. Neem has antibiotics properties.
  • Bael Fruit. Get an unripe bael fruit, and then roast it. Remove the pulp. Take it with sugar.
  • Buttermilk. Simply add two teaspoons of coriander and take it.

The above mentioned tips are just ways to give you relief on the symptoms of amoeba. Proper treatment is needed for this condition.    It would be best to see your doctor the soonest time before you could risk your own life to death.


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