Colon Cancer Early Signs and Symptoms

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Colon Cancer Early Signs and SymptomsEarly detection of cancer cases can make a big difference in your life. Therefore, it is important to pay extra attention to every symptom that your body is showing.  When cancer strikes, the cells become abnormal and cause division without any control. When these cells continue to divide, they bring about what we call tumor.  You’re lucky enough if that mass of tissue growth is benign as it isn’t considered cancer.   However, if it is malignant, then you got a problem there.

Colon cancer which is considered to be responsible for a lot of cancer cases in the world.  This article will provide you with information about colon cancer early symptoms.  This case is something that we can’t overlook hence we should increase our awareness regarding this condition.

What is Colon Cancer ?

Generally, this type is more commonly referred to as colorectal cancer or bowel cancer. As the name suggests it, this type of disease affects the colon or rectum.  The malignant tumors arise from the inner walls of the large intestine and can invade the adjacent tissues and organs.  It is said that the condition is more curable when detected beforehand.

Colon cancer stages are used to determine the severity or how much it has progressed. Stage 3 and stage 4 are considered delicate stages of the disease which would mean the it has spread through the colon wall or any nearby organs which would require you to undergo treatment like chemotherapy.

Colon Cancer Early Signs and Symptoms

Most of the early symptoms of this disease aren’t always that obvious.  They may go unnoticed since they do not bring extreme pain or discomfort like other illnesses.  That is why regular screening is advised beginning 50 to take care of your health.  So, if you have any of the following symptoms below, seek medical advice to see what causes them.

  • Rectal Bleeding.  This is one of the most important signs of colorectal cancer.  However, people mistakenly think that bleeding is caused by hemorrhoids that is why they avoid seeking medical help.  A screening should be done once you’ve found blood in your stool.
  • Unexplained weight loss. This is an indication that your body is undertaking several changes.  The tumor might be obstructing your colon’s capacity to absorb nutrients from food residues.
  • Fatigue and constant tiredness. These are natural events associated with difficulty to perform daily routine.
  • Unexplained constant nausea and vomiting
  • Change in consistency of bowel (passage of narrow stools) as well as bowel movement
  • Rectal and abdominal pain
  • Abdominal distention
  • Loss of appetite

Other medical conditions like ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease, etc may also mimic colon cancer early symptoms.  That is why early detection would increase a person’s survival rate.  Though people with familial history of colon cancer are at risk to the disease, they can also take some measures to prevent cancer including living a healthy lifestyle or lifestyle modification.  Cessation of smoking, maintenance of healthy weight, exercise, diet, and decreased alcohol intake are just some steps to reduce the risk of colon cancer and other diseases.


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