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These days im getting addicted in my New Nintendo DS Lite that i bought just a week ago and so i was looking for the free nintendo ds game downloads last night and i found some free nintendo DS lite roms downloadable torrents here’s the list of games that i was able to download.

Pokemon Soul Silver.nds
Cooking Mama 3.nds
Super Mario Nintendo 64 DS.nds
Space Invaders Resolution DS
American Dragon

It took me a couple of hours before i found these links.  I have slow internet connection when i download these files so i took quite a long time before i was able to fully download the nintendo ds games.   Searching for free nintendo ds games download in the internet was very difficult.   But i will keep on searching and i will update this page whenever i found good links where you can download free Nintendo DS Lite Roms.  If you want you can enter you email address here:

Enter your email address:

to get updated on the latest and newest games on nintendo ds.

If you want unlimited free Latest nintendo ds game downloads, Click here.  Jehzlau also compiled a list of Nintendo DS Games.


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