How to Make your Nails Stronger, Harder and Longer

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make nails grow faster, stronger and harderNails are often neglected by many people.  They take their fingernails for granted, especially the toenails.  Is it because they don’t know that nails are signs of good health?  But there are also some who are conscious of the health of their nails. They want them to be stronger, harder, and longer.  In addition to this, they even put some ornament on them.

The question now is “How do we make our fingernails and toenails stronger and harder?”  There are ways that you can do to have them.

Tips to Make your Nails Stronger and Harder

  • Just like your skin your fingernails also need to be well-hydrated.  You can do this by applying petroleum jelly into the cuticle and the skin around it.  Do this every night before going to bed.  You can also use castor oil or olive oil.
  • You can also apply lotion every morning.  Rub the lotion into the cuticles.
  • You can also take 300 micrograms of Biotin (Vitamin B) 4-6 times a day.  This will make it as hard as a horse’s hooves.
  • Avoid biting your fingernails.  Keep them out of your mouth.       Saliva makes them weaker.
  • There are products that can help you harden your fingernails.  They can increase your chance to grow it longer and healthier.
  • Wear rubber gloves before doing household chores like washing the dishes, cleaning the floor, doing the laundry, gardening, and other work at home.  The chemicals that you use can be harmful to your nails.
  • Use good clippers and files.

If you follow the tips, you will have a bigger chance to make it grow longer and healthier.  Personally, I prefer short fingernails.  They look cleaner for me.  They are also easier to manage and clean.


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