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Cheek fat removal before and afterHaving chubby cheeks are also among the most common complaints of a lot of women which is why it isn’t a wonder anymore why cheek fat removal is among the highly sought plastic surgery procedures to have that chiseled-like face. Are you among those who want to get rid of chubby cheeks and are considering buccal fat excision to achieve a thinner face?  But before you do that, why not learn more about the method that you’re thinking of undergoing.

Cheek Fat Removal

To start off with cheek fat removal or oftentimes called buccal lipectomy, probably, the first and the most important thing to do before undergoing this method is to look for a certified medical professional who has a good reputation.  Check his records thoroughly regarding the success rates of such surgery.  You may also want to take a look at some pictures taken before and after of other patients who have undergone the same method.  Moreover, your doctor should tell you what you what the risks and side effects are of the operation.

How is Buccal Fat Excision Done ?

The procedure is usually an outpatient basis and it only takes about an hour to perform the operation.  During the surgery, injections like local anesthesia are going to be administered in order for the patient to be numb to pain.  An incision will be created inside the mouth and the buccal fat will be gently removed depending on the amount of fat present on the patient.

Post – surgery, the patient’s face will be swollen and a little puffy. Recovery period usually takes a few weeks to months and the outcome will be observed within 3-4 months.  You must follow some after surgery care such as elevating your head while sleeping and other measures to prevent infections. Moreover, your doctor might prescribe you some medication treatment to address pain.  A soft diet should also be consumed by people who have undergone buccal fat pad removal.  Finally, refrain from engaging in sports or other exercises unless your surgeon said so.

How Much Does the Surgery Cost ?

Typically, the price of this surgery to reduce and lose cheek fat varies.  The prices actually range from $ 1500 – 5000.  This already includes the doctor’s fee, but we’re afraid other necessary medications, anesthetic, and other fees aren’t included, yet.  Ask your doctor all the exact details and plan it beforehand if you make a good candidate to the surgery.  Good luck!


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