How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost

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How Much Does Laser Hair Removal CostDo you want hairless beauty? Nothing is impossible with laser hair removal. Laser hair removal is the best treatment to remove unwanted hair permanently by using the light energy from a laser.  Having unwanted hair is a common problem in women.  Sure there are other ways such as waxing, tweezing, and shaving but these only produce temporary results. See the big difference?  This method can be used to treat and remove small and large areas of unwanted hair from the body. This treatment is not only for women but for men as well.

How much does laser hair removal cost? This is pretty expensive but it’s worth the cost. Prices may vary. The average cost is about $200-$500 a session depending on the areas being treated and on your location. To make it permanent it takes about 6 sessions.

Underarm laser hair removal is one of the fastest procedures in laser therapy requiring only several minutes of treatment time. It costs $100 to $250 per session. On the other hand laser vein treatment costs $300-450 per session. Below is a guide to laser hair removal prices in UK:

  • Upper Lip: £40 – £55
  • Chin: £40 – £55
  • Full Beard: £82 – £110
  • Full Face: £90 – £140
  • Upper Eyebrows: £35.00 – £60
  • Chest: £75 – £140
  • Abdomen: £75- £140
  • Full Back: £150 – £220
  • Shoulders: £65 – 130
  • Hands or Feet: £35 – £55
  • Under Arms: £40 – £55
  • Bikini Line: £40 – £80
  • Full Public: £90 – £130
  • Buttocks – £95 – £120
  • Full Arms: £145 – £220
  • Full legs: £170 – £320

Side effects/ risks of laser hair removal

  • Swelling and redness
  • Laser marks or burns and changes in skin color
  • Injury to eye
  • Wound infection

To avoid serious side effects, you need to see some reviews of this treatment first. Before finally undergoing it, you need to check the credibility of the doctor and the condition of the clinic’s equipment and machine. Of course you wouldn’t compromise your general health.


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