Best Salon for Hair Rebonding in Manila Philippines

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best salon for hair rebonding in manila philippinesLong, straight, and shiny – this is the kind of hair which every girl dreams. Unfortunately, not all is blessed with such hair. Instead some have unruly wavy tresses letting them feel a pang of jealousy whenever they see a woman who has sleek and straight hair.

Well nowadays, there is an answer for that and that can be done via hair rebonding. You know too well how big the transformation is once the hair is rebonded. You might be considering the idea then and maybe you ponder what the best salon for hair rebonding in Manila, Philippines is. Take a look at our list below.

Top Hair Rebonding Salons in Manila

The following is a list of some of the great salons around Manila which offer hair treatment like hair relax and hair rebonding which are highly recommended.

  • Bench Fix – Makati City
  • David’s Salon – Makati City
  • Lucy Britanico – Makati City
  • Ricky Reyes – Mandaluyong
  • Salon de Manila – Muntinlupa
  • Tony and Jackie’s Hair Salon – Tomas Morato

Depending on the type of your hair, the length of time for treatment may vary. Usually, rebonding takes atleast 6-8 hours. As for how much it costs, the answer is still dependent on a couple of variables. One of the variables includes the types of products these salon professionals use on your hair. As for the price, the cost of this hair treatment usually ranges from 3,000 Php to a whooping 11,000 Php.

Since many women compare the hefty price to one another, some who wanted to have the same care for their hair opt for rebonding at home where they use some trusted products like the L’Oreal Xtenso. You have to be very careful though when doing self rebonding or your precious hair may be damaged. Good luck!


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