Who is the Fattest Person in the World ?

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world's fattest man

Manuel Uribe - World's fattest man (Click to Enlarge)

Ever wonder who the fattest man in the world is? This article is about the world’s fattest man ever.  The person im talking is Manuel Uribe.  He had reached 560 kilos (1,244 pounds) weight but he managed to lose 200 kilos (444 pounds) with Zone diet.

He is a resident of Monterrey, Northern Mexico.  It was reported that Guinness World Records included him on the 2008 edition of the Records Book with his photograph and on the 2009 edition for the most incredible weight loss in a year.  This is his new mission-to shoot a second entry into the record book, a world record weight loss!  The description of the treatment he has had and offers of surgery have been included in the 2008 edition, too.

He has been suffering from obesity for 20 years which made him immobilized on bed and kept him captive in his own house.

How much does the fattest person weigh?

Let’s take a look at Manuel Uribe’s weight history.

1966 – Birth weight 6lbs
1984 – 121 kg
1988 – 128 kg
1995 – 245 kg
1999 – 502 kg
2000 – 552 kg
2001 – 597 kg

For the world’s fattest woman, Donna Simpson of Old Bridge, New Jersey is on her way to get the record.  She is set on reaching the 1,000lb mark in just two years. Based on the last update, Simpson weighs 43 stones.

Let’s talk about European people. According to studies, Germans are the fattest people in Europe due to the country’s high beer consumption. On the other hand, the fattest people in USA belong to the state of Mississippi for the fifth consecutive year.


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