What if your Boyfriend is Gay

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boyfriend has gay tendenciesAlthough gays are now accepted in the society because of their contributions and worth, they are still misunderstood and discriminated in some instances. They can’t have serious relationships because they are being used by some men because of their generosity. They are being frowned upon every time they wear clothes designed for women. Their fashion and lifestyle are suppressed. Although there are those who are brave enough to come out, still there are gays hiding in the closet. These gays pretend to be straight men. They try to live as a typical guy who has a decent job and a beautiful girlfriend.

However, these guys find difficulty in hiding their personality. Their gay side is reflected on the things they do. As a girlfriend, you could sense if your boyfriend is up to something. You can smell if there’s something unusual about him and his actions. The signs keep on coming out and once you have confirmed it, it creates turmoil. In some relationships, this is an ultimate challenge. Your love is put to test.

Tips for Having a Gay Boyfriend

What would you do if you discover that your boyfriend has been hiding that he is gay?

  • Learning that your boyfriend is gay could be very painful. It’s similar to any other form of cheating because he has been deceiving you for so long.
  • Ask yourself if you could still love and accept him for who he is. There are gays who want to raise their own family and they choose to be into a normal romantic relationship. If your boyfriend is like this, give him a chance if you can. Marriage is still possible but this will depend on you.
  • Talk to your guy. Ask him what he wants. Does he want to stay beside you or he wants to be free? If he chooses to be free, let him go. That’s the best help you could give him. Let him enjoy the freedom of being himself. Help him decide and face his fears.
  • Offer friendship if it’s possible. I know you are hurting inside but be strong. He has been a part of your life and it isn’t his fault that he is gay.

How to Know if your Boyfriend is Gay

Look for the following signs to find out if you are dating with a gay.

  • He is very meticulous about his hair and his clothes.
  • He spends a very long time inside the restroom.
  • He likes listening to the songs of divas.
  • He is fascinated with beauty pageants.
  • He feels uncomfortable peeing in public men’s room when other straight men are around.

Love is all about acceptance. Accept the imperfections and flaws of his personality and you’ll be a happy couple.


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