Cute Nicknames for your Boyfriend

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cute nicknames for boyfriendAnother great way to spice up a romantic relationship is by giving your partner a cute or sweet nickname instead of just calling him/ her by the real name. Well, you can have a term of endearment but it’s another thing when you give your sweetheart a cute nickname. Your partner would love to hear a sweet and nice name from you.  If you have been thinking of giving your man a cute nickname, well, you can choose from the…

Following List of Cute Nicknames for your Boyfriend

  • Handsome/ Sexy: Well, let’s admit that men care about their ego so much. If your man would hear you calling him handsome, it’s actually an ego booster. It would make him even more confident.
  • Prince: Calling him this way would make him feel that you actually appreciate him. It also goes to show that you like the way he loves you because you feel like a princess. Isn’t it a great way of showing appreciation?
  • Knight. Call your boyfriend your knight in shining armour if you feel that he is your savior and that you feel safe when he is around. You feel a sense of security when you are with him because you know that he won’t let you down.
  • My life/ world: This is applicable for women who consider their boyfriend as their world or they feel like they can’t live without their man. This will make your boyfriend feel his worth in your life as his girlfriend.

Let your guy feel that you are not just a friend but a girlfriend who cares and loves him by calling him names like the ones mentioned above. Well, you can have other choices. Just be comfortable with the nickname that you would like to call him and see to it that he also feels the same way.


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