How to Approach a Cute Guy

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How to Approach a Cute GuyYou were walking at the mall and you ran into a guy who was totally cute. He was completely adorable.  You spent some moment to examine his features and you felt that your heart leapt inside.  You wanted to say something but you couldn’t open your mouth. You were totally stunned girl! When you blinked your eyes, he was gone. You let your chance slipped away! Don’t let this happen to you.

Tips to Approach a Handsome Guy

If you are into a cute guy that you really don’t know, you need to learn the art of attracting someone you like. Take a look at the following tips:

  • Check your appearance. Do you look presentable? Will the person entertain you with how you look?  Go to the restroom if you need to check your hairstyle, outfit, and nails.
  • If you are at the gym in your college, and you are all sweat, you need to cool down first.  Change your clothes so you will smell good and fresh.
  • If you are at a party or at a bar or club, a good method would be to join him on the dance floor.  Dance with him and from there you can get to know each other.
  • If you are at work and you really find a guy cute, be professional in approaching him.
  • Be cool but polite in approaching the person.  Feel confident about yourself but don’t overdo it.
  • Start small talk with him.  Break the ice by complimenting on his shirt or on the place you are at.  If he is one of the shy guys that you have met, be gentle with your words and actions.  You might scare him away.
  • Display a sweet smile and establish good eye contact with the guy.  Try to check his reaction.  If he does it back, he must be interested in you.
  • Think of good and interesting topics to talk about.
  • Ask questions about him.  If he answers you, he likes you to know him.  It’s a good sign!

Men also love to be chased.  It’s like uplifting their male ego.  Just use your courage to catch his attention.


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