How to Talk to a Girl over the Phone

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How to Talk to a Girl over the PhoneCommunication is the key to a successful relationship.  If you fail to communicate effectively, you wouldn’t understand each other. Misunderstanding leads to conflict.  We owe our constant communication to technology.  We should be thankful we have the internet and we have telephones and mobile phones.  Thee gadgets help maintain a good relationship although sometimes, they can be the cause of problems.

Talking to a girl on the phone, especially for the first time can be really intimidating.  How should you talk to a girl over the phone?  Running out of ideas?  Here is a List of the …

Proper Ways to Communicate with a Girl using your Phone:

  • If you don’t have the phone number of the girl yet, you need to find ways to get it. It wouldn’t be a problem if you get the number of a girl who likes you from a distance.  If you get cold feet getting the number face to face, ask the help of your buddy.  You can also have it through her bestfriend.
  • Now that you have her phone number, are you ready to call her?  It’s useless if you don’t call her.  If you feel nervous, take time to take deep breathes first before you make the call.  Pacify your heart.  Stay calm. Just relax.
  • Have a list of some topics or things that you can talk about over the phone.  This way, you won’t be lost and will prevent you from having dead air.
  • Be polite when talking. Introduce yourself and be nice. Be interesting and talkative but give her time to talk.  Don’t be boring.  Women don’t want to talk to a guy who is boring.  Have a sense of humor.  Never talk about dirty things or else you’ll offend her.  If you don’t sound interesting, she may hang up on you.
  • Be yourself and try to make her feel comfortable talking to you.  Gain her trust. You’ll soon find out that you are spending long hours talking to her and she enjoys it.
  • If you feel that she’s comfortable talking to you, you can now think of ways on how to ask her on a date.  You can probably talk online, too.

That’s it! It isn’t very hard to talk to a girl over the phone.  You can do it! Good luck!


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