How to Date a Deaf Girl

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How to Date a Deaf GirlDating a girl with a physical disability is a pretty different thing.  The approach is far different from the way you would approach an able-bodied woman.  Now you are into dating a woman who is hearing-impaired. What are the things that you should know to make it work?

Guides when Dating a Deaf Girl

Take a look at the following dating tips for you to make your relationship with a deaf girl a wonderful one.

  • You should bear in mind that deafness affects the communication skills of anyone who has it.  Language acquisition is affected.  The first problem that you need to face is your communication.  How can you communicate to a deaf person?  The person cannot hear you and cannot talk.
  • Think of a good way to introduce yourself if you don’t know each other yet.  Display a sincere smile as you approach her. Write your name in a piece of paper.  Hand it to her.  Wait for her to write her name.
  • If you’ve known each other for quite a long time and you want a constant communication with him, write your email address, instant messenger screen name, and phone number and give them to her.
  • Send her text messages but don’t call.  Don’t forget her impairment.  You can also chat with her on Facebook or on instant messenger.
  • You can also talk to her softly.  She will just read your lips.  This will bridge your communication gap.
  • If the girl hands you a little pad and pencil, this means she doesn’t understand what you are saying so you have to write it down.
  • If you are fortunate enough to have learned some signs and gestures used for communication, then it would be great.  You will understand each other more.
  • Treat her like an ordinary girl.  Don’t think her a dumb girl.  She may be deaf but she has emotions.  Don’t make her feel very conscious of herself. Help her enhance her confidence.
  • Go to a movie theater with captioned movies so you can watch together. But if you date with a blind person, going to a theater is never a good idea or dating advice.

There you go!  I hope that you learned something from this post.


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