Dating Someone with Disability

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Dating Someone with DisabilityDating is for everyone.  It’s not just for able-bodied people but it is also for those with disabilities.  Anyone can fall in love with a disabled person.  That’s love.  It doesn’t discriminate but it accepts even the imperfections of the person you love. If you notice, there are dating and personals sites for singles but with disabilities.  However, dating becomes somewhat different when your date has a learning disability or any other kinds of disabilities.

Guide when Dating Someone with Disability

In this post, you’ll learn some dating tips that you can follow when dating a person with disability.  Take a look at the following:

  • Bear in mind that there are factors to take into consideration.  You have to know what kind of disability the person has.  Is the person visually impaired?  Is he/she deaf? Is he/she mobility impaired and in a wheelchair?
  • If your potential date is visually impaired, a movie date would not be a good idea. The person is not going to enjoy the movie. If the person is mobility impaired, going to a dance would not be a good idea.
  • Ask your date if he/she has an idea.  The person may have ideas that you have not though of.
  • If your date is blind, tell him/ her things that you see around.  Try to create a clear picture of what you see.  Be the person’s eyes.  Give precautions.  Let your date hold your hand. Don’t hold his/ her hand.
  • If your date uses a cane, be considerate.  Don’t take long walks.  Find a seat near the entrance and rest rooms.
  • One dating advice that you should follow is to avoid offensive words. Don’t be rude to your date.  Be humane.  Respect the person just like the way you would respect a person without any disability.
  • Save your phone number on the person’s phone if he has a problem with vision.
  • If your date has learning disability, communicate to the person from his/ her level.

There you go!  I hope that these tips will help you take your relationship into a higher level.


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