How to Stop Your Puppy from Nipping

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Stop Your Puppy from NippingPuppies, just like babies, will go to teething stage, too which is why you may notice that your puppy exhibits this nipping behavior and go about biting and mouthing just about anything they see.  Yes, these are just these little dogs’ behavior and these don’t put serious harm though.  However, it is beneficial to help your dog stop this before he reaches adulthood to avoid inflicting injury or harm.  In this post, we’ll give you tips on how to stop your puppy from nipping. So, be user to continue reading on to find out, okay?

How to Stop Your Puppy from Nipping

Do not delay training. Instead begin training your pet as early as six weeks old so that it would be easier.  To start off:

  • Allow your puppy to feel that his biting hurts you.  This can be done by verbalizing “ouch” or “no” everytime he bites.
  • Once your pup starts biting you, letting out a firm “No” will allow him to stop.  Give him a chew toy to avoid him from nipping at fingers, ankles, heels, feet, or even nipping at face. Just a warning though, make sure that you shop for a chew toy that is choking-free or else your pet might just be put in harm.
  • Teach your dog some obedience commands like the words “Leave it” thus setting limitations.
  • Practice reinforcement for your pet’s acceptable behavior.  Give him plenty of praises or taps every time he licks you without using his teeth.
  • Quit slapping or hitting your dog whenever it tries nipping or even jumping up at you.  This is a common occurrence especially among children.  Moreover, this may even progress to other serious behavior like barking or growling heavily.
  • Avoid playing tug of war to your pups as it may encourage biting and nipping more.

Unrelenting training should be practiced to your dog so that your dog will learn further what his unacceptable behaviors are.  In addition, this training guide on how to stop your puppy from nipping can only be done by adults and not by kids under ten years old. Always keep in mind to never allow your dog and your kid play without supervision. Good luck!


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