How to Treat a Dog / Puppy with Fever

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treat dog puppy feverMany people have pets at home particularly dogs. They are actually tagged man’s bestfriend.  But most of pet owners do not have medical training. They are just owners so when their dog looks sick, they don’t know what to do.  A common problem among dogs is fever.  Their normal temperature is 380 Celsius.

How to Determine if a Puppy or a Dog has a Fever?

Insert the thermometer about an inch in the rectum of your dog or puppy.  Coat the thermometer with petroleum jelly to avoid hurting. If the thermometer shows 39.5 0 Celcius, the dog has a fever.  Other signs are diarrhea, black stool, loss of appetite, vomiting, and bleeding.  Dog fever is termed as hyperthermia.   It is important to treat the signs of fever before any serious conditions occur.  I will teach you on how to cure when this diseaseoccurs.

How to Cure a Dog with Fever

  • If you see that it’s just a normal fever, let your pet drink water to keep it hydrated.
  • If your puppy refuses to drink, put ice cubes on your palms and let your pet lick them to reduce its temperature.  You can also mix Pedialyte and water to provide the pet’s body with minerals.
  • Give your puppy a piece of chicken or beef broth.
  • Tuna juice can also be used to make the temperature lower.
  • Some medicines that you can give are Tylenol and aspirin.
  • Keep your sick dog away from other pets even if it has a cold to avoid scattering the virus.
  • If doing these things does not help your pet, contact your veterinarian and have it checked.  Do not wait for days watching your pet to avoid complications like flu.  If you love your dog, don’t risk its health.  If there’s a need for confinement, then leave your dog at the clinic.

I hope this helps.    Love your pets and they will love you back.  Take good care of them as your own kids.


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