How to Stop Shopping Addiction

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Stop Shopping AddictionGoing out to shop and buy clothing in a mall or in your favorite store is in fact a pleasurable experience.  However, it becomes a problem when it gets uncontrolled.  It leads to shopping addiction otherwise known as oniomania which according to the definition is the compulsive desire to shop.   Actually, a lot of people are affected by this condition with only a few recognizing their problem.  A shopping addict can suffer from both financial trouble and emotional struggle, that’s why it’s important for a shopaholic to know how to stop shopping addiction to prevent from these consequences.  How do you go about overcoming shop addiction?  The answers will be given below, so crazy-over-shopping people, stick with us.

How to Stop Shopping Addiction

  1. Differentiate essentials versus non-essentials.  Before buying a thing, ask yourself if that is really what you need. Decide thoroughly if it something that you need to have.
  2. Pay for your purchases by cash, check or by debit card, but never through your credit cards.  The mode of payment wherein your funds will be withdrawn immediately is a good way to decrease compulsive shopping.  Cut out your credit cards or leave it at home and only use it for emergency purposes.
  3. Write a list of what you are going to shop and stick to your list.  Buy what is only written on it.
  4. Online shopping addiction has also become popular.  To avoid this, don’t browse shopping websites or avoid phoning in catalog orders.
  5. Do not shop when feeling depressed.  Instead, seek the help of your friends or volunteer into some activities that will be very productive.
  6. When the urge to shop creeps in, take a walk or exercise instead.

When you feel that being shopaholic is already beyond control, then it would be best to seek help and treatment by undergoing series of approach held by a therapist or you can join a support group and listen as they share experiences on how to get rid and put an end on shopping addiction.  We hope that the tips will help you quit being a compulsive buyer.  Good luck!


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