Home Remedies for Addiction

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addictionWhatever you are doing and taking that hooked you for a long a time and you can not live without is something that we call an addiction.   Addiction may be considered as harmful depending on the effects it causes to that someone.   There are different types of addiction and some of them are: alcohol, drug, social network (facebook), nicotine, sex, caffeine and so on.   There are several reasons why someone became addicted to something.   Depression, social status, and emotional pain are the main causes why people engage into something that made them addicted at the end.

Moreover, it is important to trace the main cause why some people are acting that way and only then you can truly help them. For some minor cases, you can use home remedies for addiction to get rid of your current situation. Natural remedies are the cheapest treatment you could ever have.

Home Remedies for Addiction

Here are some ways to get rid of your condition according to what addiction you have:

  • Nicotine addiction. Determination is needed to break this addiction. Some are successful in quitting smoking cold turkey.
    • Baking Soda. Mix two tablespoons of baking soda in a glass of water.Then take it.
  • Facebook addiction. Keep yourself busy. As much as possible don’t open your computer if it has nothing to do with your work or school assignments.
  • Caffeine addiction. Caffeine withdrawal syndrome can be tolerated once you decided to quit from taking it. Grab a drink other than caffeinated drinks to get you going like fruit juices and water.
  • Sexual addiction. Abstinence is the key to stop this. Throw away your porn magazines and stop watching porn movies.
  • Drug addiction. Is there really a home remedy you can do for this kind of addiction? Well, apparently there is none. However, you can place that someone to rehabilitation centers and his family should support him all through out his treatment by showing some love and care.
  • Alcohol addiction. Let him drink fruit juices for a week and let him have a balanced diet.
    • Grapes and dates. Let the patient them. These are very helpful fruits because they reduce to urge to consume alcohol.
    • Bitter Gourd. Take some bitter gourd juice with buttermilk everyday. It helps reduce addiction in alcohol. It also repairs damaged liver due to heavy drinking alcohol.

In any kind of addiction, quitting seems the hardest part of it. You need a lot of determination and willingness for you to be able to get rid of this. Families should help each other and go hand in hand to support a family member with this kind of condition. Seeking professional help is also advisable.


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