How to Decorate a Christmas Tree like a Pro

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How to Decorate a Christmas Tree like a ProIt’s December!  Christmas is in the air.  It is one of the favorite holidays of the year.  People do different things. Everybody is very busy decorating their homes with different ornaments like Christmas tree, lights, and other decorations.  For some, they start planning about vacations and parties. Others are busy making list and buying special gifts for family and friends.

Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

If you are into the art of decorating your Christmas tree, then this post is for you.  Transform your old Christmas tree into something magical and fascinating. Decorate is like a professional designer.  How do you do it?  Read the following tips and ways to decorate your own Christmas tree.

  • The first thing that you need to think about is the spot or location for it. Where is the best spot?  You should put it in a place that could be seen and safe.  One ideal location is in front of a large window in the living room.
  • Now, think of a theme.  This is necessary because it will help you pick the things that you will need in decorating it.  It could be cartoon characters, angels, or anything you can dream of.
  • Decide for your color scheme.  It could be all red, gold, green or any other colors you want.  The color scheme should compliment the color of the room.
  • After deciding, purchase all the needed materials.  You can use the crafts made by your kids at school.  This is one of the cheap ways to decorate it.
  • Begin decorating it with lights.  They should be added before any other decorations.  Start at a bottom branch and string lights along the underside of each branch.  Go back to the trunk and wind around branch and light stand.  For upper branches, string lights from the top to the bottom.
  • Test the lights if they are working.  Now you can decorate it with other ornaments like ribbons and garlands.  Then to follow are other crafts you have prepared.  You can put a Santa Claus image or snowman at the top of your tree.
  • Now if you are satisfied with your work of art, look for the best angle of the tree.  There are different angles and one will prevail.  The best artificial Christmas tree is not even symmetrical.

A decorative Christmas tree seems to be beautiful but sometimes you just need to make it simple.  You can look for a picture of decorated Christmas tree online.  Merry Xmas!


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