Nutrisystem Weight Loss Review

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Nutrisystem Diet Plan Weight Loss ReviewNutrisystem Diet Plan is a popular online weight loss program that delivers pre-packaged food right at your door and also offers phone counseling to its clients.  It has been in the weight loss business for over 35 years.  It is cheaper compared to other weight loss programs like Jenny Craig.

This company has the Nourish program which is all about convenience for the client. Clients order meals from their website and then delivered to your door. The food packages that they deliver are sealed and not fresh. The processed food contains sodium for everyone to know.

Comparison of Nutrisystem and Jenny Craig

Just like other weight loss programs, it works with the concept of portion-controlled weight loss.  But you don’t need to pay membership fee and there’s no contract to be signed.  Jenny Craig does require a membership fee and you need to sign a contract.  Another difference is that it checks the progress of its clients through the phone; Jenny Craig has consultants who will meet you personally.  It is also much cheaper.  You can also check the programs offered by Slimfast and Medifast.

How Long Does a Client Have to Undergo the Program

An average client usually stays in the program for 91/2 weeks.  This is because the person loses the weight he/she wanted and that he/she wants to go back to the normal diet with fresh food.  This makes me conclude that this system is good for short-term corrections but not for a permanent style of eating.  But once you go back to the usual diet you should be conscious of the portion of food. Eat in moderation to stay in shape.

How Does the Food Taste ?

It’s pre-packaged and don’t expect it to taste like fresh and whole like the usual types of food you take.

What are the Food Choices ?

Nutrisytem uses the glycemic index as the basis.  There are choices for men, women, older people, vegetarians, and diabetics. You can shop online at QVC, an online networking shopping site.

Does It Really Work ?

According to stories I got online, Nutrisytem has favorable and fast results.

To end this review, I want to give you a piece of advice.  Before joining such programs you have to weigh the reviews and products that they offer.  Don’t be misled by testimonials.  Better yet make your own weight loss program. Good luck!


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