Lower Back Pain Home Remedies

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home remedies for lower back painOur body’s low back or the lumbar area has a lot of functions that help us in our everyday lives.  The area aids in supporting our structure, movement, and even protection for some body tissues.  However, because of a variety of causes including lumbar strain, nerve irritation progressing to sciatica, and other conditions, we tend to experience lower back pain.  Moreover, the pain that you experience may also be caused by other problems like kidney infection since the kidney is situated at the back of the abdominal cavity, one on the right side of the abdomen and the other is just below the spleen on the left side.

Women in their early pregnancy also experience this as the ligament stretches around the uterus and because of pressure on the lower back.  The condition is also referred to as lumbago and this is a common complaint by a lot of people.  A lot of lower back pain home remedies are widely available that promise to get rid of the pain.  You can try some home treatment and natural remedies in doing so, however, one should seek medical treatment first prior to trying out these natural cures especially if the pain is something that has been constant.  Once you’ve ruled out any disease or injury to your back area, then try some of the lower back pain home remedies listed below.

Lower Back Pain Home Remedies

  • One remedy on how to get rid of the condition is to take a lot of rest.  Lie down flat on the floor to relax your body.
  • If your work is something that requires you to sit the entire shift, learn how to rest for a while.  Stand up and walk often or you can also place your feet on the chair with knees and hips bent.
  • Hot water application can also help in alleviating pain.  With heating ad or hot water bottles, apply heat on the affected area for atleast 20-30 minutes.
  • Massaging can also provide a great comfort for the pain felt.  This will eliminate the tension thus helps in relaxing the muscles.  Massaging with the use of oil made from garlic or mint oil also make a good home remedy to treat the issue.
  • Choose other treatment alternatives like yoga and stretching exercises that can lessen the severity of lower back pain.
  • As for some home remedies, make an infusion of 10 basil leaves in a cup of water.  Boil until it turns syrup.  Apply on the area atleast twice daily to provide relief from the condition
  • Drink honey with warm water every morning.
  • Application of raw potato in a soft form can also be an effective remedy in treating any painful part of the body.

Yes, though there is an array of home treatment that you can do, it is still better to prevent it beforehand.  Taking measures like controlling your weight and proper body mechanics would be very helpful to prevent occurrence of lower back pain.


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