How to Treat Upper Back Pain

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How to Treat Upper Back PainUpper back pain is a result of the irritation to the muscles that are found in the upper area of the back and spinal column. There are actually a lot of causes why the incident occurs and among them is improper posture, injury or trauma to the spine as well as the chest region, and straining of the shoulder muscles.  This can also be experienced by people who have underlying medical condition as well as women during their pregnancy. Usually, among the symptoms that the sufferers complain is muscle pain between the shoulder blades and even neck pain.  Though upper back pain is less common that the pain felt on the lower back, it can still be debilitating. Upper back pain can be experienced by each person at some point in his life.  If a diagnosis has been ruled out regarding the pain that you feel on either the upper right side or upper left side of your back, then there are some measures you can do on how to treat upper back pain.  Here’s how:

How to Cure Upper Back Pain

  1. One way on how to cure it is to improve your posture.  Since the description of jobs nowadays are computer related, it is important that you take a break once in a while  and perform upper back stretches by raising the arms upward and outward.  Moreover, among the other back pain exercises that can provide relief to what you’re feeling is by standing up straight and pulling your shoulder blades back as if you’re trying to touch them.  Finally, remember to always sit up properly and avoid that slouching posture.
  2. Taking a hot shower is also another remedy that can provide relief from muscle pain.  This will help loosen the tense muscles as well as alleviating neck or middle back pain.
  3. Observe proper body mechanics when trying to perform some daily tasks. Doing so will help you avoid muscle strain.
  4. One of the home remedies is to put ice packs on the area to numb the pain. Moreover, it will help you soothe the tense muscles. Herbal remedies like Tulsi leaves, Cuscus grass, eucalyptus oil and a lot more are also beneficial in getting rid of the situation.
  5. Alternative treatment like massage, acupressure, and yoga are also beneficial in trying to get rid of the pain.
  6. Take some over the counter treatment like Ibuprofen, aspirin, and naproxen which assist in alleviating mild to moderate pain in the back region.
  7. Cutting down on foods less in fat can also help in eliminating future episodes of feeling hurt in the posterior area.

Those are some natural ways on how to treat upper back pain.  However, if the aching feeling that you experience becomes chronic, it would be better to seek medical attention immediately to provide appropriate medical interventions to the issue.  Hope this has helped!


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