How to Build Your Upper Body Without Weights

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How to Build Your Upper BodyDo you want to build your upper body without weights? Well, you can do it without going to a gym and use weights to enhance the upper body you want. You can do it right at the comfort of your home.

how to build your upper body without weights


Simply follow the instructions that are enumerated below to create upper body muscle.  These will be your guide to make your arms bigger, to build your back and chest fast.

  1. Work on your pectorals or pecs by doing slow push-ups with your knees bent or from your toes.  This exercise lets you use your body weight as resistance. You have an alternative to do this.  Lean against the wall.  Your body should be at a 45-degree angle.  Now slowly move your body down. Do 2-3 sets of up to 15 repetitions.
  2. Build your triceps with dips. Place your arms on either side of your butt on a bench or position yourself in between two chairs.  Now dip your butt to within inches of the floor.  Pull yourself back slowly to the original position.
  3. Use a stationary bar to do chin-ups and work on the biceps. Hold on tight to the bar with your fingers curled around the bar facing out.  Pull yourself up slowly.  When your head is above the bar, hold for a second and then release back down slowly.  Do this for 2-3 sets of up to 12 repetitions.
  4. To develop upper back you will need a chin-up bar to do pull-ups with your arms at a wider angle.  Put your arms out and do the steps mentioned in Step 3.
  5. Doing conventional crunches can build your upper and lower abs. Lie on you back and position your arms crossed over your chest and bend your knees.

See? You can build your upper body just by doing the above exercise right at your home.  Building upper body does not really require weight-lifting at a gym. Be resourceful!


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