Ideal Body Fat Percentage

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ideal body fat percentageIdeal body fat percentage differs from an individual to another. Some may be comfortable with a low body fat percentage; others may be comfortable with a high body fat percentage.  There are factors that determine it. These include hereditary, type of body, age, eating habits, and lifestyle.  But it should not be higher than 25 %.  For people who want to calculate their ideal body fat percentage, the most accurate way for home use is body fat monitor.

One good portion of your ideal body fat percentage is called storage fat.  This is the fat you build up beneath your skin and in your muscles.  It also covers the deep or essential fat which guards your internal organs from damage.  The average amount of storage fat for a male is 12% and 15% for a female of their body weights.

Determining Your Ideal Body Fat Percentage

When you are trying to determine it, you have to consider your age as well. As you grow older, you retain less muscle tone and more of your weight is fat.  Body fat monitors use a particular equation for a certain age to give best results.  You can also go online and use body fat calculator. Just enter the required information and it will give you what you ask for.  Another method is through army body fat worksheet.  It has instructions on it.

You can also utilize chart to check if your percentage is in the healthy range.  There are various percentage charts for women, men, children, and athletes including runners.  You can find a list online.  Once you’ve been well-informed of this, then you can target your ideal and good body fat percentage.

Get the perfect percentage and it will be your time to show your abs!  Bear in mind that if you have a high body fat percentage, your abs won’t be noticed.

Hope this helps!


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