How to Prevent Infection after Plastic Surgery

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Prevent Infection after Plastic SurgeryCosmetic surgery such as breast surgery has become more and more rampant and a lot of people have been very vocal about undergoing it as it is their outlet of looking more beautiful and feeling better about themselves. Risks and complications still remain from the surgical treatment; nonetheless, it is very essential to stay in prevention mode and take necessary preventive measures to avoid infection pre and post surgery.  So, how does one go about preventing the complications of his/her wound or incision?  What are the signs and symptoms of infection?  Find out by reading the entire article on how to prevent complications after plastic surgery.

Signs and Symptoms of Infection

  • Fever
  • Redness and hardening in the surgical area
  • Discharge characterized by yellow or green color
  • Foul-smell from the incision site
  • Pain
  • Delayed healing
  • Change in incision size
  • The incision becomes hot to touch

In cases like these, it would be best to notify your physician immediately to avoid further complications.

How to Prevent Complications after Plastic Surgery

  • Make sure that you choose a qualified cosmetic surgeon to the procedure who comes from a highly reputable clinic or medical institution. This is yet the best defense on how to protect and keep you from infection.
  • Be keen and follow the orders of your doctor when trying to stop infection after cosmetic surgery.
  • Allow yourself to recover fully from the operation and ensure that your get plenty of rest to repair system and allow your immune system to fight off complications.
  • Take antibiotics and other prescript medicines given by your surgeon. Stick to the dosage and how it should be taken to prevent infection.
  • Consume a healthy and well-balanced that is rich in antioxidants and vitamins that can help in the healing process as well as in fighting off infection. Drinking plenty of fluids is also another way of prevention.
  • Finally, take extra care by taking standard operating measures when taking care of the incision in skin. Wash your hands frequently before and after handling your wound. Keep the area dry and clean to ensure infection-free wound.

Once again, risks are always there when it comes to surgical procedures. However, knowing how to prevent it will make a profound difference in preventing infection from striking to your system.


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