How to Get Six Pack Abs in 3 weeks – Flatten Stomach in Three Weeks

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How to Get Six Pack AbsWho doesn’t want to have a flat stomach? We all want to have it.  It is even more desirable to have defined six pack abs. Well-toned abs boosts your appearance. Moreover, it helps you maintain better posture and balance since it is the center of your body.  But how do you do it?  Is it possible to get six pack abs in just 3 weeks?  Of course there are many machines, books, and videos out in the market that promise to do this in just days!  How true are their claims?

Let’s try to understand better the so-called abs before we talk about the ways on how to get six pack abs.  They are located in the midsection of your body. The rectus abdominus, transverse abdominus (a deep muscle), internal obliques and external obliques (situated along the sides of the rectus abdominus) make up the abs.  The rectus abdominus is located on top of the transverse abdominus and in between the obliques.  A well-toned rectus abdominus creates the six-pack look.

How to Get Six Pack Abs in Three Weeks :

  • Doing sit-ups is not enough to get flat abs.  It can make the muscles stronger but you also need to do a variety of movements because the muscles are large.  You need a schedule that takes your abs through a variety of movements to achieve your goal.
  • Maintain a healthy weight range and have a low level of body fat. Your body fat should be monitored and see to it that it’s at 10% or even lower (men) and at 15% or lower (women).  So if you are at the needed body fat level and you have been doing an intense and regular ab workout, then you may attain six pack abs in 3 weeks.
  • Go on a diet to reach a healthy weight and composition of body fat. Control your intake of food and have a regular exercise for 40-45 minutes 5 days a week.  But it is not healthy to lose 2 pounds a week unless you are under the supervision of a doctor.
  • Crunches should be a part of your routine.  Start with the basic crunch. Lie on the floor with your hands below your neck and your knees bent. Make sure you do it correctly to avoid pain.  You will also get lower abs by doing this.
  • Do some twisting movements to aim the obliques through lying on your back, lying on your side and lifting up, lying on an inclined bench, and lying on your side and lifting up.
  • Do your six pack abs workout with an experienced trainer to be sure that you are on the right track.  The trainer can give suggestions for you to have a variety of movements that will give you quick results.

If you want to get ripped abs, then have a fair amount of effort and determination.  For without these, you will never attain your goal. It may not be fast but you will definitely have it.


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