How to Get Philhealth Number

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how to get philhealth numberWorkers in the Philippines are obliged to pay contribution for PhilHealth, both employees in the private and public sectors.  The contribution is automatically deducted from their monthly salary.  Every worker has a PhilHealth account and membership number.  This number will be your lifetime and permanent No .  Once you have an existing account, you cannot create another one.  You need the number in every transaction that you make with PhilHealth.  The office advises members and employers to keep the No . within reach to enable them to use it anytime the need arises.

Not all members know their membership number though they know that they have filled out a form.   They pay but they don’t know their No .

How Do you Get your PhilHealth Number ?

  • Inform PhilHealth of your complete information like first name, middle name, last name, and birth date.  You can reach the office through these contact numbers 637-3654 and 09189635396.  You can reach the latter through text. You can also reach them via email ( so you can verify your Member’s Data Record (MDR).
  • You can try through PhilHealth textline (   I happened to encounter a post that strongly said this works.   Follow the instructions below:

Type PHIC[space]PIN[space]LName, FName[space]BDAY[mmddyyyy] and send to 2960 e.g.  PHIC PIN DELA CRUZ,JUAN 08191975

For those who have extension name (Jr., Sr., III, etc.), type


The textline also offers services like PhilHealth benefits, qualified dependents, claims status check, ID card replacement, employer PhilHealth no ., PhilHealth address and contact info.

Hope the this post helps.


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