How to Gain Weight Fast for Girls

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gain weight fast for girlsMost girls blame their weight on metabolism.  They feel that having fast metabolism or slow metabolism have impact on how well the body burns calories.  Well, weight is just among the many issues of girls. With the issue of being overweight growing tremendously, who would have thought that on the other hand there are also lot girls who wanted to gain weight ?  Skinny people, especially girls, have been looking for tips and ways on how to gain weight because they don’t feel content and confident with their bodies.

Are you also a skinny woman who is a hard weight gainer ?  Do you also want to gain and build muscle fast?  Then don’t worry as there are ways that you can follow on how to quickly gain weight for girls. Read on.

How to Gain Weight Fast for Girls

  1. Eat more.  Add up to 500-1,000 calories to your daily caloric intake.  This will allow you to increase your mass from 1 to 2 pounds.
  2. Increase protein intake. Try eating protein shakes, peanut butter, and Luna bars.  You can also add protein powders to your diet.
  3. Don’t skip meals especially breakfast and include fruits and vegetables in your meals.
  4. Avoid weight gain supplements if you don’t want to have that body builder posture.
  5. Follow an exercises routine. As much as possible lower your exercise level as less exercise means lower calories burned. Ask help from professionals to proceed with building muscle mass to increase weight and change the shape of your body.

Well, there you go.  Those are just some tips you can follow on how girls can quickly gain weight fast.  If you’re really willing to slow down your metabolism in order to gain pounds, make sure that you seek help from your physician to avoid side-effects and health risks.


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