How to Do Breast Compression

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How to Do Breast CompressionsBreast compression is the act of squeezing the nursing mother’s breast to continue the milk from flowing into the baby’s mouth when he no longer drinks.  This has been noted to be very helpful especially when the baby is suffering from colic and poor weight gain.  Moreover, this is also beneficial if breastfeeding for your little one should be frequent, and it can encourage your baby to continue drinking once he falls asleep.  On the other hand, breast compression provides a lot of benefits to the nursing mom as well especially those who are suffering from sore nipples, blocked ducts, and mastitis.  Most moms do not know how to do breast compressions.  Well, if you’re one of them, read on as we teach you how to perform chest compression.

How to Do Breast Compression

  1. Hold the baby in one arm.
  2. Hold the breast with the other hand.  Ensure that the thumb is on the side of the breast while the other four fingers are on the far back of the nipple.
  3. Watch for baby’s drinking.  When you notice that you’re baby is no longer drinking with the open – pause – close technique of sucking, start compressing the breast.  Remember not to push so hard because it might hurt.  By compressing it, the baby will start drinking again.
  4. Keep the pressure up until your little one no longer drinks, then release the pressure.  This allows your hand to rest and the milk will start flowing to the baby again.  Once he tastes the milk, he will start sucking again.
  5. Your baby should start sucking again using the open – pause- close type of suck.  If he failed to do this, try compressing your breast again.
  6. Continue breastfeeding your baby on the first side until he stops drinking, and if he wants to drink more, offer the other side of your breast by doing compressions as above.  You can also switch sides back and forth if you want.

So, this is how to do breast compressions.  We hope that it has been of great help.


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