How to Make Breast Pads

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Nursing pads are worn to absorb milk that may leak during feedings.  These are worn inside your bra to keep it dry and to keep the milk away from your clothing. Some popular names include Avent and Lansinoh.

Wearing plastic disposable breast pads makes women uncomfortable.  They also cause discomforts like mastitis and other infections.  There are those pads that cause drying of the nipples and cracking.  These disposable breast pads are also harmful to the environment.

However, there are also mothers that prefer cloth breast pads.  They are available in the market but you may want to make your own.  If you want to learn the steps in making your own cloth breast pads (also called nursing pads), then take a look at the following and start your project right away.

Breast Pads Making Instructions

  • Look for an old terry cloth towel, some nylon cloth (the type used for umbrellas).  You can have the ones with design.
  • Make your pattern but it will depend on the shape of your breasts.  If you have a thin bra, check the outline of a small pad like a target through your shirt.  Make the breast pads as large as the cup size of your bra.
  • Now trace the circle pattern onto the towel.  Trace as many pads so you won’t run out.  Each circle will be one pad.
  • After drawing the circles, cut the pads out. Cut out additional smaller circles and put them in the center of each pad for a little more absorption.
  • To make a water-resistant pad, cut large circles from the nylon material.  Lay the nylon material over the breast pad and sew them together around the edges but leave 1 inch hole.
  • Turn the breast pad inside out and finish the seam.
  • These breastfeeding pads are washable. Just drop them in your regular laundry. Wash them well to avoid sour smell.

These pads could also be used as breast enhancers for better boobs look.  See?  Breast enhancement is not really hard.


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