How to Cure Edema Naturally

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how to treat edema naturallySuffering from edema?  You might be looking for ways on how to cure edema naturally.  Stick with us as this is what this article is all about.  Before that though, let’s tackle a few details about this condition.

Edema – this is the term given to refer to the swelling in the skin which causes build up of fluid in the parts of the body such as in the feet, legs, face, arms, and neck.  Erythema may also be present at times.  If you may notice, the situation is oftentimes limited to the lower extremities simply because of the pull of gravity to the fluid downwards.  There are actually a variety of causes for the condition such as pregnancy, heart diseases, liver failure, renal diseases, embolism, and thyroid problems. Moreover, the condition itself is actually more of a symptom rather than a disease and this may be among the first symptoms that may manifest for the following causes given. Potentially fatal problems that result to edematous body part should be consulted for further treatment immediately instead of opting for natural ways on how to get rid of it. Once you’re sure that you’re condition is mild and is considered not to do you harm, then you can do some natural remedies that we’ll give you in this article. How to cure edema naturally, you ask?  Here are some home remedies.

How to Treat Edema Naturally

  • Engaging in simple diet modification is among the natural ways on how to treat this symptom.  Reduce or totally avoid sodium intake as well as sugary foods and dairy products.  One should limit consumption of foods rich in fat, too.  Increase intake of fiber and protein – rich foods instead.
  • Another remedy is to elevate legs to reduce the swelling.
  • Talking about home remedies, you can add some ground flax seed to your food.  This one is completely safe so even pregnant women can use it.  Dandelion, Horsetail, parsley, tea tree oil, turmeric powder, and other herbs too can serve as natural diuretics that can decrease swelling.
  • Many do not know this, but dehydration can also cause edema.  So make sure to drink the atleast 8 glasses of water.  You can also substitute water with cranberry juice, grapefruit juice, and other herbal teas.
  • People who have sedentary lifestyle are also prone to developing the condition. One should also modify his lifestyle by exercising regularly like brisk walking for atleast half an hour. This way, your blood circulation will be improved and your other body parts mainly the kidney will help expel excess fluid in the body.   Moreover, this will help you prevent occurrence of such incident.

There you go.  These are some of the simple yet effective measures on how to treat edema naturally. Again, they are not substitute for medical management especially in life threatening conditions.  Instead, they can be used alongside proper treatment.  Good luck!


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