Water Retention Home Remedies

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water retention home remediesWater retention or edema is one of the many uncomfortable occurrences in our body. This is often experienced during pregnancy, before menstrual period as PMS, and as one of the symptoms of heart disease or kidney disease. Fluid retention is characterized by the swelling of the hands, legs, feet and bloating of the body. Side effects from drugs, salty and processed foods and hormones are the causes of this condition. In this matter, we should be aware that you can do to reduce the swelling or to avoid edema by trying some water retention home remedies.

Home Remedies for Edema

Below are some effective ways to prevent and treat bloating:

  1. Drink water. Drink eight to ten glasses of water everyday. This will flush out toxins in your body especially stored sodium due to eating too much salty and processed food.
  2. Eat right. Having a balanced diet can totally ditch bloating or fluid retention. Eat more vegetables and fruits. Avoid eating too much fried and processed food.
  3. Watch your weight and exercise regularly. Exercise has so many beneficial factors that can do to your system and thus promote a healthy body.
  4. Use all-natural diuretics. Diuretics can help you get rid of water retention. Try cranberry juice and herbal teas made from dandelion leaves, chestnut seed, cleavers and corn silk.
  5. Elevate and move your legs when possible. Moving your legs can help the blood flow freely in your veins and this can avoid bloating and swelling. After work, elevate your legs to ease the swelling.

The above mentioned remedies are being proven and tested to work. If the swelling still persist then it is about time that you visit your health provider to discuss about your condition and so to address your medical needs properly.


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