How Not to Get Pregnant Without Protection

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How Not to Get PregnantWhile sexual abstinence is the best way on what the ways not to get pregnant are, another option can be is through the use of other contraceptive methods excluding condom use.  Avoiding pregnancy is a big challenge for every woman that’s why it should be given proper attention and knowledge if you do not want to get pregnant anytime soon.   How not to get pregnant without protection?  Below are the tips so read on.

How Not to Get Pregnant Without Protection

  • If you are sexually active and practiced unprotected sex, go on birth control pills.  There are a lot of contraceptive pills to choose from which is the most reliable means of not getting pregnant.  You can also opt for emergency oral contraception aka morning after pill which is taken 24-48 hours prior to unprotected coitus.  The downside, pills do not protect a woman from sexually transmitted diseases.
  • If your menstrual cycle is regular, track your basal body temperature and avoid or control having yourself from having sex during your ovulation period.  Through this, your chances of getting pregnant will not be decreased.
  • Opt for another type of contraceptive apart from the standard condom. Say, a female condom is an option.  You can also make use of cervical cap which provides temporary birth control method for women. Finally you can settle on another strategies to prevent pregnancy like diaphragm, shot, implant, IUD, even surgery.
  • Ask your partner to have him pull out before he ejaculates.  This is commonly known as the withdrawal method.  However, this does not guarantee you that you can avoid the pregnancy.
  • Try having oral sex with your partner.  This is one way of keeping you safe from pregnancy, though there is still a risk of contracting sexually transmitted disease if your partner has one.
  • Stay away from positions like the missionary or doggie style that will get the male’s penis closer to the female’s cervix during sexual intercourse as the chance of getting pregnant will be higher.  Instead, the best position can be is through getting your bodies shaped into 90 degrees or L-shaped.
  • If you really can’t control the urge of having sex, engage in other sexual activities like cybersex, masturbation, or phone sex.  These suggestions do not involve touching each other’s body making it safe not to get pregnant.

And those are the advices we can give you on how to avoid pregnancy without protection.  Call your local parenthood clinic to get to know more about other strategies you can use to avoid conception and maybe talk about pregnancy symptoms and signs.  But basically, the best thing to do is not to have sex at all.  Good luck!


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