Earache Home Treatment

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earache home treatmentJust like any other problems, earache is a common occurrence in our lives. We all get this at certain point in our lives with children being more prone to having them than adults.

Generally, there are a lot of causes why this sets in. Among them is when the Eustachian tube is inflamed due to fluid build up, thus posing infection on the ear.  Bacterial and sinus infections and colds are also among the culprits why one experiences such discomfort.  Earache can be really bad and troublesome. It can even cause lack of sleep because of the extreme discomfort it brings.

What to do with this freaking ear ache, you wonder? Preferably, the best thing to do is to contact your health care provider in instances where one feels symptoms like severe pain, extreme pressure, drainage or pus in the ear, or when the infection is a recurring one.  Your doctor will most likely give you medication treatment including antibiotics on how to cure it.  However, in mild cases, home cure is the most sought after remedy to address the problem.  And yes there are many self help tips which you can do at home to relieve pain using some home drugs and home remedies caused by earache. Ready for an all natural treatment? Learn more of our earache home treatment by reading the post below.

Home Treatment for Earache

  • Among the famous home remedies to provide relief for the condition is the olive oil.  This has been used for centuries already and this helps on how to soothe the outer ear.  Moreover, olive oil also has antibacterial and antiviral properties.  Mince a clove of garlic and heat it alongside a tablespoon of olive oil.  Strain the oil and transfer it into a small container. With an ear dropper, pour a few drops on the affected area and cover the ear with cotton immediately.  You can do this every night.
  • Another folk medicine which falls under earache home treatment is the apple cider vinegar. Apart from its other benefits, this solution can also be used for ear infections. With a dropper, pour a few drops on the ear and stay still for a minute. Turn your head on the other side and allow the solution to drain.
  • Putting a few drops of 3% hydrogen peroxide on the affectation site can also be a good remedy in curing the infection.
  • Heating a half clove of garlic with a teaspoon of sesame oil is also another effective remedy on how to cure infections.
  • The juice extracted from ginger can also be put on the affected part will surely provide a quick relief to infections.
  • Get a hot water bottle and apply heat on the sore ear. This is also another way of alleviating pain felt by the patient.

Since earache can’t be avoided at times, it is extremely necessary to take preventive measures to avoid such occurrence.  You wouldn’t want to deal with this too painful experience, right?  Good luck!


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