Cherry Angiomas Home Remedies

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Cherry Angiomas Home RemediesCherry angiomas or sometimes called as cherry hemangiomas are characterized by growth of red colored papules in any part of the body.  They are oftentimes confused with angiokeratomas.  And as the name suggests and as seen on the picture, they look like small cherries which occur on the skin’s surface.   The disorder is also called as De Morgan’s spots named after the scientist Campbell de Morgan who first described the condition.

The exact cause for its occurrence is yet unknown, but hereditary, increased in age, exposure to chemicals, and stress are associated with these.  These are neither cancerous nor harmful; however aesthetic issues and bleeding are among the most common concerns of sufferers.  Treatment wise, the patient can opt for surgery for removal of these spots.  Still, many people look for natural ways on how to treat them, we’ll give you some of the cherry angiomas home remedies.  Here are some details which you can do at home.

Home Remedies for Cherry Angiomas

Maintaining a healthy skin is beneficial for treatment of the disorder thus one is required to drink plenty of fluids to keep the skin hydrated at all times. Moreover, intake of fluids particularly water can also serve as prevention which keeps you free from any disease. Your diet also plays an essential role on how to treat the condition.  Consumption of fruits and vegetables and other supplements can reduce the occurrence of cherry angiomas. One should also avoid junk food as it can predispose you to malnutrition. Supplements, specifically Vitamins A and E, are also needed to keep the skin healthy.

Stress reduction is also a plus on how to get rid of these spots. Look for alternative ways such as yoga and exercise to reduce the likelihood of their occurrence.  One home remedy is the sandalwood.  Make a paste by mixing 5 tablespoons of this powder with 5 tablespoons of turmeric powder. This can be applied topically on the affected area for atleast 30 minutes before you finally rinse it off.  Do this daily.  Basil leaves can also be added to the mixture to effectively clear the clogging of the skin which can bring about cherry angiomas.  Witch hazel and honey can also be beneficial in keeping the skin clean.

Again, these spots are pretty much harmless and won’t put you at risk for having skin cancer, but if you are troubled enough thinking about how to get rid of it and you’ve tried a lot of cherry angiomas home remedy already, then try to consult a dermatologist to arrange for specific plans on how to go about eliminating them entirely.  Hope this has helped!


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