What Kind of Car Does Justin Bieber Have

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justin bieber carMany fans especially those little girls out there are digging for Justin Bieber. Almost everywhere, his songs are being played in a lot of radio stations.  As he goes his way to stardom, many girls are rooting for information about him like “what kind of car does Justin Bieber have?” The crazy fangirls even dig what kind of phone he has or what kind of dog he owns. Well then, let’s check out this 16-year old “Baby” singer what type of auto he’s driving.

What Kind of Does Justin Bieber Have ?

Months ago, this teen sensation got a special birthday gift as he turned sweet 16. The gift was Justin Bieber’s first car which is a Range Rover given, of course, by none other than Usher who is considered his mentor. Bieber celebrated his birthday in Los Angeles and threw a lavish party for all his friends when Usher gave the teen sensation a brand new Range Rover car.

But three months after Bieber got his driver’s license, he was spotted driving an automobile on the road of Los Angeles.  The car was actually what a lot of men are dreaming to have – a Lamborghini.  And guess what, Bieber didn’t have to shell out any of his resources for the car as the Lamborghini seemed to be a gift from one of his close friends, rapper P-Diddy.  The rapper had promised that he would give the boy his white Lamborghini when he turns 16.  The hottest teen star appeared to not take Diddy’s offer seriously but I guess he spoke too soon.

Hearing this news I can just drop my jaw and say Wow!  Just how awesome is Justin Bieber’s life actually?


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