How to Measure Cup Size

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how to measure cup sizeDid you know that most women are wearing the wrong bra size?  Yep, studies show that an average of 85% of women is actually doing so. While it may not be a big fuss for some, it is still essential that you choose a properly fitting bra to prevent any postural problems as well as other breast related problems. Give your boobs the correct support and find out how to measure cup size appropriate for your breast or bust size.

How to Measure Cup Size

How to Find Your Band Size

Prior to measuring, wear you best fitting bra. Make sure that is not padded and it’s not an athletic bra or minimizer.  To measure the correct bra size, work out on your band size first.  With a tape measure, measure the dimensions around your bra directly beneath your bust.  The tape should be placed on the lower band of your bra and it should be snugly fitted. The measurement that you got is your band size.  If the measurement is an odd number, round it off to the nearest even number.  But if it an even number, that is already your band size.  There are actually a lot of band and cup size calculator telling you to add four or five inches, but that’s not really reliable.

How to Determine Your Cup Measurement

To calculate your cup size, stand straight with your arms on the side.  Measure around your body with the index on the fullest part of your bust. Wrap the measuring tape around your bust and round up to the nearest inch if you got a measurement with a half inch.  Now subtract the band size measurement from this second measurement.  The difference is now your cup size.  For example, you band size is 32 and your cup measurement is 36. Subtract 32” from 36”, it will give you 4”, therefore you would require a 32D for your bra.  Below is a guide that can help you.

If the difference is:

less than 1” = AA cup
1” = A cup
2“ = B cup
3” = C cup
4” = D cup
5” = DD cup

That is how to measure cup size.  Now, you’re all set to get fitted for a bra. Sometimes, different lingerie retailers (e.g. Victoria’s Secret, etc) have different bra sizes, which is why you should ask for a professional on that store to help you check and test what bra properly fits you.  Good luck!


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