Craziest Plastic Surgeries Made to Look Like Someone Else

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Undergoing plastic surgery has become very rampant already, and most people just to tend to it as their only option to look better and more beautiful. But what caught my attention while I was browsing the Internet are the craziest plastic surgeries made to look like someone else which I’ve found under Bizarre Medical Stories.  Let’s take a look at some of them and see for yourself how crazy it is to have done that.

Craziest Plastic Surgeries Made to Look Like Someone Else

  1. Nileen Namita – She’s a 49-year-old artist from the UK who spent over £200,000 and has undergone almost 51 plastic surgery procedures just to look like Egyptian Queen Nefertiti.
  2. Annette Edwards – At her age, 57 years old, she decided to go under the knife and has spent £10,000 just to look like the cartoon character: Jessica Rabbit.
  3. Janet Cunliffe – Like mother like daughter. But this one is the opposite as it’s the mom who spent more than £10,000 on a surgery just to look like her daughter.
  4. Jo and Kerry Burton – In order to keep up with being identical twins, they’ve spent more than £60,000 to perform operations that would definitely make people tell them apart.
  5. Nadya Suleman – She’s known as the octuplet’s mom, but now she’s making name because she has undergone procedures like lip augmentation, rhinoplasty, etc in order to look like Angleina Jolie.
  6. Miki Jay – The mother of three has spent £8,000 on cosmetic surgery to look like Michael Jackson.
  7. Sarah Burge – A 49-year-old from Cambridgeshire has spent £539,000 to morph herself into every girl’s favorite – Barbie.
  8. Lisa Connell – Even though, she’s suffering from a brain tumor, the girl still opt to undergo plastic surgery and spent £40,000 so that she can die and look like Demi Moore.
  9. Gavin Paslow – He wanted to look like the devil, therefore this 39-year-old security guard spent £3, 552 to give him horns, forked tongue, and fangs.
  10. Anonymous Woman – She was convinced by her husband to opt for plastic surgery to be able to look like his deceased wife.

There you go. Those are some of the craziest plastic surgeries made to look like someone else. So, how did you find them?


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